6 Reasons I Stopped Livestreaming + How to Overcome Start-Stop Patterns in Your Biz

The answer is within you.

Are you stuck in stop-go stop-go live stream cycles, like I was??

I know we all know “the answer is within” – yes, yes, we know, we know!

It *is* the ultimate truth, but if you’re anything like me, you need to walk through the details and hammer things out to really embody and live that truth.

That’s what I’m doing here!

Are you ready to clear what’s standing in your way + overcome the stop-start dance?

Here are the 6 Reasons I’ve stop-started my Live Streams + How I overcame:

1) Feeling forced – rebellion is often at the core of my resistance to anything good for me. Sometimes it’s just downright “I’m not doing it because someone’s telling me too,” though that’s rare in my world these days. Most often, like this time, it’s me buying into the belief that something outside of me knows better than my inner authority, so I should listen to them. I love the video coaches out there BUT you could be giving me the greatest advice of all time, and if it’s not RESONATING DEEP WITHIN ME *based on timing and stage of growth I’m in* it’s gonna feel forced, then I’ll dig my heels so deep I can barely even dig myself out. In other words I won’t do it. Know what I mean?

2) “Doing it for the money” and “HOW am I gonna make money from this?” This trips even the most seasoned of us business women up. Listen, as a soul-led leader, I don’t run this business SOLELY to make money, in fact I don’t do ANYTHING in life solely for money – and if I even start thinking about things that way (see point #1, a lot of video coaches teach you HAVE TO do livestream if you want to make money these days) then I get disconnected from the deeper reasons I’m doing my business mission work in the firs place. It throws me off track. So that’s the first thing, focussing inward on alignment with my mission must come first. THEN I tune into the earth-bound reality that I AM running a business, not a hobby farm, and businesses must make money to even qualify for the definition of “a business,” so ensuring my work brings in money to support both my community and me as the leader so I can keep BRINGING what I bring, is a top priority. Here’s the thing though: I can ONLY do this when I’m taking 100% responsiblity for my power to create and therefore un-create everything around me, by remembering that the money-making answers and all answers are always within me, then looking at the logical strategy equations from there! When I did that, I realized something you may be experiencing too: I WASN’T ASKING FOR SALES. Why? ….

3) My high end coaching prison I was taught to do business within a “high-end” model, meaning sell ONLY coaching packages starting at $1500. It makes sense, I always believed and still believe that private 1:1 time with a mentor is worth it’s weight in gold, and that we are all meant to receive thousands of dollars at once in exchange for our personal time and energy – what was missing was the idea that I could offer low-cost products too. In the business school I first started out in, this was frowned upon – that’s why I never did it!  Or when Spirit guided me strongly to create a course, like my Tell A New Story About Money Audio Program that I created in 2011, I wouldn’t pay much attention to marketing it – in fact, I kind of hid it in shame. I was locked in to doing things the “high end coaching way” or bust. And people who are making “that kind of money” don’t need to ASK for sales, right? That’s what I was thinking! That abundance flows to me without me doing anything at all, and while it did in increments that did support me and my business, it was more often than not, stop-start, stop-start, which is not the kind of business I wanted to have. For me, consistent solid regular financial flow is the way. So that was it, and it served my learning and growth for the time it need to. Now I see there’s been adjusting and re-alignment needed for some time now….AND …one more big STRUCTURAL THING.

4) MORE + upgraded support – I fucking hate this one! I hate saying goodbye to spiritual guides and earth-bound mentors because at deep visceral level it’s like saying goodbye to a parent for me! I have learned over the years that it’s natural for some of our spiritual guides and earthbound mentors and loved ones to come into our life for a time only, not a whole lifetime. Accepting this truth was key to being able to consistently have the support I needed along the way, and the support I need now, because my needs, just like your needs, change over time, as we evolve, and our support system needs upgrading on the regular too. It’s hard, really hard at times – yet it ALWAYS feels good on other side though, like now, in my new coach’s wings (well two one biz one self love), but the biz coach coach saw this “not asking for sales” thing instantly. We laughed, me a big buddha laugh of awareness. I teach it for a living but all MY STUFF was getting in way. Why did my stuff come up all at once like this?

5) WRITING MY BOOK – telling my story in deeper way and more importantly KNOWING MY STORY in deeper way, always brings up all the past shit for me. Makes sense right? When raise our own personal bar of productivity, anything that has been in the way of attaining and maintaining that new level we are reaching for, must come up and be cleared out. It’s like reaching a new level of health – the old undigested bits and toxins stored in our fat cells must be cleared out to feel that new, high, bursting-with-energy state of health. It’s just the way things work.

6) Last but not least, it’s time to get rid of the ALL TOO HUMAN obstacles to flowing on video and live stream in our businesses (AKA THE THINGS)

-I don’t have the right outfit or enough clothes

-my lighting isn’t right I need to buy proper video lights

-I don’t know what to say, I need a script of some kind

-I need the perfect backdrop or a green screen

-My hair isn’t perfect, my greys are showing and I’m not wearing makeup

(=blah blah blah blah money lack fear-based things that will BEAT YOUR CONFIDENCE DOWN if you let it)

It’s truly time to say *bye bye* to any and all of these that are within you, because…the answer truly always IS within. Nothing on the outside will change that, or stop you, unless you allow it too.

Stay in the flow Beautiful, + stay ATTUNED!


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