Bubble Bath Money Breakthrough!

my bubble bath download

Hey Hey Rockin’ Story Godddess!

I had a download in the bath this morning, to do with bubble baths:

Getting your CRAZY BIG MONEY BREAKTHROUGH in your business can be simple as taking a bath…

You don’t work hard in a bath.

You’re relaxed.

Soaking up goodness.

Enjoying the scents.


You *DO* need to have a few things in place to make the bath happen in the first place.

The hot desire (non-negotiable motivation for it).

The structure (tub).

Flow of Water (duh).

Salt or bubbles, depending on your preference.

Investment in a place to have the bath, including electricity, water and heat $$$, towel, bath ingredients, shampoo, conditioner, soap.

Believing you’re worth enjoying a bath (otherwise you’ll sabotage the shit out of the idea and never get to actually having it).

Consultations from experts on how to have baths for specific purposes, if you’re healing a health condition for example, and want to know which aromatherapy tincture or type of bath salts are best for your particular condition and circumstance.

And commitment enough to create the time for the exact bath you want, for as long as you want.

Then you need to physically walk into the bathroom, turn on the faucet, pour your experience ingredients in, and get into the water and press PLAY on the experience.


See the analogy to your online business?

Do you regularly feel and deeply believe business CAN be this simple, enjoyable, and the “how to make it a success” part no big deal?

If it’s hard for you….

I get it, I didn’t grow up with Internet AT ALL, and I now run an online business (and have since 2009) with several crazy big money breakthroughs under my belt ($30k week, $35k and $25k months, $8,000 days) …

So YES there was a lot I needed to learn, un-learn, overcome within myself, and huge learning curves along the way.

(don’t believe anyone selling overnight success, it’s BS)

I wanted it bad enough though and looked at the “skills needed” part logically enough, to make the learning happen.

I hired who I needed to hire, sometimes using the last space on my credit card to do it, sometimes working at a nanny job to save up for it first…it didn’t matter how long it took to create the money, for me what mattered was that I was making it happen.

No matter what.

Then…. #OFCOURSE when we’re in THAT kind of energy, the money comes a lot quicker than expected anyway.

An unexpected check arrives, somebody asks you to help them for pay, or a customer finds you on Facebook and you REALLY feel the soul of your business: how your customers come along to fund you, to keep the fantastic thing you created going.


So if you’re finding yourself low on bubbles, find a bubble bath expert, learn what you need to learn, and keep on damn going.

Hot water tank acting up? Call those guys, get it adjusted. Ask your neighbor. Just get it done. Keeping the feels of having that bath you’re creating front and centre all the while… 💕ahhhh💕


You know the stuff…about not deserving the bath, not being able to afford the bubbles, about all the experts and people ready with their hearts and souls wide open to help you, being too expensive….because it’s just not true.

Those are lies we tell ourselves, to avoid change.

Sabotaging your life and business like that gets you nothing except a life you only half-ass want.

I’ve been there, and I can tell you that having the bath, at the exact temperature you LOVE, with all the scents you love (no skimping or cheating out),

in the exact fucking tub you dream about, is much much better than wanting to hide your eyes every time you walk in the bathroom because you hate the decor in there,

the tub is too small and you were stuck in negativity so much you didn’t even spend an ounce of time thinking about how to create money for that bubble bath you really love

(I’ve been there too, not going there again, and I built this thing from the ground up, no silver spoons in my mouth, and no credit rating to help me most of the time either).

Which do you choose?

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