Why Business Stories Mean Profit

A business without a story is like a marriage without hugs.

Something is definitely missing –

+ you can’t live without that missing thing,

not if you want to THRIVE.

This isn’t cookie-cutter marketing,

it’s psychology, it’s LOVE.

That’s right.

Your product? Your service? Must radiate all the love.

Here’s what I mean . . .

Last year, before I stepped on the main stage for a speaking gig at the Fraser Valley Women’s Expo,

I was wandering around to all the booths.

There were alll the typical women things: the makeup, the scarves, the nutrition supplements, spiritual boutiques, the clothing….more clothing …. 

yet a tiny rubber bracelet was the only thing I bought.

It’s amazing and yet not so amazing, this business success thing.

Amazing because out of all those booths (rows and rows of exhibitors),

only one booth was putting story power front and centre,

and therefore attracting crowds to the booth,

where the rest attracted trickles, a quick “hello” as we walked by, at best.

The not so amazing part, is that success is truly a simple formula.

Engage! Connect! Make people FEEL something, so that they remember you.

Because even selling bracelets, is about relationships.

Every woman behind the counter of that booth, was asking passerbys:

“have you heard the bracelet story?”

Who says NO to that question and walks away?

Nobody, that’s who.

We all want to know what happened to this bracelet, and get it on its story.

We did walk away from the ladies asking:

“would you like to try a sample of perfume?”

Boring. We hear that every day at the mall. #thanksNOthanks

“Would you like to sign up to win a free prize?”

Ew. Manipulation. Luring me in.



We walked by all the signs screeching “Nothing beats our product” too. Really? You’re forcing your opinion on me? Telling me what’s best for me? Have we met???

Having a business story means that first of all, you are engaged with your product.

That it matters to you.

And when you feel it, when you believe in it,

and care enough to share from the heart,

we feel it too. We see you, your service, your product, in authentic light.

Then we believe in it too.

Now your business has integrity,

which means we buy it, too.

I haven’t worn a plastic bracelet since grade 6, and I’ll likely never actually wear it –

but I smile every time I see it, sitting with my plants, like a story halo.

A business mecca to model and celebrate.

My entire business was built on my blog, telling a story after all.

It’s been my vehicle to freedom, my confidence to know I didn’t need a job, that I actually would fulfil the calling in my heart to empower women in this world.

Here I am.

Where are you?

Have you unleashed your business story yet?

XO Gina