Unleash Your Music. It’s up to You!

Hey Beautiful!
Bear and I are all moved into our summer home now,
in case you saw the social media pics of me buried in my clothes, vitamins, appliances 🙂
I love being in a different mountain range from where I live, to change things up, you know?

It sure was ABOUT TIME I committed whole heartedly to finishing that book I keep mentioning out loud, but even more often in my head….

Don’t you HATE when you promise yourself you’re going to do something – 

you feel it SO HARD at the soul level,

how right it is for you,

how the timing is perfect,
then months go by, and you’re still doing the same thing as before?

Producing a big ol’ heap of nothing.

I could see I was in a neverending habit circle of letting things in my home distract me *just enough* that there was never enough time to get too deep into it,

and when you’re writing a book, deep is where you need to go, obvi.

When you’re a mindset mentor there isn’t much humming-and-hawwing once the self-destructive pattern is spotted, either.

So I packed my things, told my sweetheart last minute to take good care of the house and I’d be back when the book was done,

and here I am.

It’s good, really good.

I’m looking at the peonies I cut from my garden before I left.
They’re sitting on my bedroom window ledge, while I’m enjoying the ever-powerful scent of lilies streaming in from the dining room (peonies have a subtler scent, barely audible in the noisy and lovely lily range!).
Relaxing piano is playing, AND I’m writing to you…..a day into summer solstice!
I’m also getting shit done.

Not just any old shit either.

I’m unleashing the music from inside of me.

More, more, more of it than I ever have before!

Stepping straight into that next version of myself, that I’d always knew I’d become.

Speaking of which, I wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t encourage you to do “same, same,”

I really want to know if you’re unleashing, too?

If you’re opening up your gorgeous soul channel to express what’s always been living there,

that exquisite music, you’re holding inside?

I get teary-eyed right now thinking of the women I’ve worked with over the years . . .
some of them unable to even let out a little “ahhh” from their throat when we first started working together.

I remember living like that too.

Why is it sad?

Because that voice, that truth, that song, is meant to come out, Beautiful.

You were born with it for a reason!

To SHARE it.

There are other women right now who need to hear your story,

and they can ONLY receive the message in the way YOU can tell it.

For you are the storyholder.

YOU lived through the experience – only you.

You know the one, the experience that made you who you are today…the one that set your business and life on fire, in the best of ways.

You also know that nobody can trap fire, not for long –
and when it’s not controlled, it sets on a path of destruction.

That self-sabotaging never-ending pattern of mediocrity (which stifles and kills the soul), that I was in before I left for my summer home in these new mountains,

where my soul rests happily now,
and I can’t stop typing on my computer keyboard if I tried!

Writing is my piano, my music….this is me.

Who are you?

What’s your instrument?

Is it tuned up?

Waiting to play your song?

It’s time to let it out, Beautiful.

Set it free.

Allow it do its work of healing others who need to hear it,

They need to dance with it and learn how to dance through it,
maybe even for the first time ever.
There are women all over the world just getting internet right now, you never know who you are teaching or inspiring with your art!

So when you do so,
when you listen, record, and play out loud that song inside you,
when you release it in the playing, as it’s meant to be played and released,

you raise you up to where you’re going next, too.

It’s a gift that uplifts everyone who touches it.

And it’s waiting inside, right now.

Are you ready?