When He Isn’t Passionate About Your Biz …


I know what it feels like to not have your man be as passionate about your biz as you are.

I used to ask myself:

  • why can’t he understand why I need to skip Star Trek night to work on my sales funnels?
  • what does he mean when he says “you love your business more than you love me” – it’s not a competition!
  • how can he not see how much my business means to me?

There’s nothing worse for us work-at-home, sensitive business women than feeling unsupported by our men. 

Or like they don’t understand us, or love our business as much as we do.

It feels like a giant energy hole in the middle of the living room, that closing your office door cannot keep out, or soothe. 

Down, down, down your energy goes, as you’re working away and your thoughts keep spiralling into a depressing hole, right???

These sort of thoughts may even lead you to the worst, most painful question: “is he really even meant for me?”

Especially if you were working at a job when you met, and started your business partway through the relationship.

I was so overwhelmed, and terrified to even think my relationship might be over – but I had to honour that feeling inside.

Something didn’t feel right.

I had to resolve this, stop the horrible thoughts, and do something about it.

Below I’ll give you 5 Steps to turn this around, Bella – but first, imagine this . . .

You wake up, excited as usual to get to your laptop, and instead of moaning and griping, you feel a strong hug, and words of encouragement (what my man says now is, “I believe in you. Kick some ass, My Love!”)

So instead of that fresh, inspired energy I feel when I wake up being drained out of me before I leave the bed, I get to carry it to my office  … play with it … and feel even MORE inspired when he says those words.

I feel fuelled my my relationship now, instead of drained by it.

Here’s how I got there:

  1. Honest Communication (Me First!): Journalling, vision-boarding and meditating were powerful tools for me to discover what I really wanted deep inside. Before using these, I didn’t hear my inner voice at all – but I had to use them every day, for them to be effective.
  2. Regular Support – Before speaking to him about any of this, I needed to feel supported within myself. To do this, I built a strong professional support system including my Business Coaches, my Shaman, my Therapist, even my Naturopath and Family Doctor – because relationship negativity entertwined with business can really wreak havoc on our physical health too. Knowing we are supported regularly keeps us strong, feeling good, grounded and able to make the best choices for ourselves, our relationships, and our businesses.
  3. Mission Alignment: Once you’re BFFs with your soul, and have a regular support system to help you work through those resentments or disappointments buried deep inside of you that need releasing, healing, or just plain expressing, it’s time to focus on that empowering sweet spot of your business: what is your business mission? what really drives you? why do you wake up and do what you do every day? what would you die for? Literally, that kind of warrior energy is needed here. Once you tap into and maintain this powerful energy, people will either need to rise up to meet you, or fall away. This is how energy works, and it bypasses much of the breakup drama or twenty years of marriage counselling work us business women fear we may be facing. Starting with energy is the fastest way through.
  4. Talking Honestly with Him: Now it’s time to invite your man into your business. From that powerful energetic frequency, explain how important it is to feel that he supports your work in the world. Needy energy repels him, this type of energy draws him into the true power and excitement you feel about your business – and if he still isn’t drawn in, then you know where he stands, and you can then either find other creative relationship solutions, or decide how much you want to stay committed to this relationship from there.
  5. Honour your inner whispers: one of the most powerful things I ever learnt in life and business, was to listen for, and act upon, inner intuitions. This is the bulk of my work with my clients now, because for us sensitive business women, our greatest guru is our soul. It’s our GPS, and it’s guiding us every day, when we’re available to it, and listening.

Did you notice how the first 3 steps took place before I even involved him?

That’s because when we shift our inner frequency, everything else shifts with it, Bella.

It’s the bulk of the work!

The ripple effect is then huge. Our relationships with ourselves, spouses, friends, and even our business clients become more fulfilling.

There’s nothing like perspective and clarity when it comes to aligning your relationship and your business. 

So honour those inner whispers…they were planted there for a reason!


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