Eliminate Money Worry FAST like this . . .

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This money-making stuff isn’t as hard as you think, you know.
Most of it, is actually pretty fun – and involves a lot of DREAMING!
The fun, day-dreamy part eliminates much of the worry itself.
A perfect example is when one of my coaching clients told me in a call the other day, 
that she no longer has huge anxiety around money.
After my little happy dance
(how lucky am I to be doing this work in the world, right??!!??),
we talked about a core concept that helped her eliminate money anxiety:
Our true selves do not.
This applies to you too, {!firstname_fix}!
For in your deepest essence,
that vibrant, confident, brilliant, ever-resourceful soul space of yours,
you do not worry over money.
Yes, this confident about money energy actually lives inside of you,
at your very core.
Every woman has it inside of her.
Still, millions of women spin round and round,
worrying about their business and money, each and every day.
(I used to do this on the regular, tooooo!)
They aren’t running business from their soul,
or saying yes to the FUN, DAYDREAMY part of business,
which traditional business strategy MUST be coupled with.
One cannot work without the other,
not if we are going to live worry-free,
and fulfilled while we do our business work in the world,
in the most meaningful way.
My client tried that traditional business strategy (without SOUL) before working with me, too.
She used to lose nights and nights of sleep in “meltdown city” as she called it.
Soooo …. I thought you might like to hear the part of our call where I bring to her awareness, EXACTLY what it took, and what continues to be required to clear money worry FAST,
and keep it at bay.
Get out your favourite daydreaming outfit, {!firstname_fix}….
To Your Success,