When Work is Exhausting . . .

work work work

My whole life all I did was work, work, work with one result: EXHAUSTION.

Trying to live and be like everybody else, when deep down, I knew I wasn’t meant to be or work like them at all was soul-sucking at best.

My parents raised me to work, work, work.
As Italian immigrants, they meant business!

They wanted the best for their daughter, and were committed to instilling the strong work ethic passed down to them, to ensure her security and success in life.

There was just one problem: I was born a highly sensitive girl.

I have intuitive gifts that need to be nurtured and developed in ways that make much of the “normal” population go HUH.?!

Does this mean I can’t work hard?

No. I work steadily and diligently at my art, my expansion and keeping the right energy in my business and life so I can facilitate transformation for my clients.
Even the highly “average” person with a “normal” job would agree:

transforming lives from depressed, broke, and unhealthy to happy, energized and wealthy ain’t easy.

What being highly sensitive does mean is that I work differently than most of the population.

To be successful, I must work intuitively, at my right pace, on my own time.
Yes, I can follow a schedule, and I do – but the rigid 9-5 routine many live by?
No way.

It doesn’t matter how many times people who don’t understand me, or the way I operate, call me lazy. I shrivel and die in that rigid work template.

It took me decades to rid the shame I felt for not working like everybody else.

It took me even longer to give myself permission to live in the way that is best for me!

I felt ashamed for getting exhausted and sick when I tried to follow how everyone else was working and living.

I didn’t know any different, it’s how I was raised – but the day I gave myself permission, the day I stopped fighting and forcing myself to work like everybody else, to be and live like everybody else, was a fine day indeed.

I freed myself from the shackles that produced only exhaustion and sickneess for me, creating instead a business and life that generates consistently beautiful, quality energy to work with and create with.


And like one of my clients said in her testimonial she wrote for my business, “All the tea in China couldn’t send me back to the way I was.” 


Ridding myself of the stories I told myself about how I wasn’t good enough, or I was lazy, or weird because I wasn’t like everyone else, and I could never work like they do or succeed like they do brought me WAY MORE MONEY than I could ever make on wall street.


It freed me to create thousands upon thousands of dollars in my business, doing what I love, living a sustainably JOYFUL life that I can authentically say is successful for me, is my greatest accomplishment yet.


What will it take for you to be Sensitive, Happy AND Successful, Woman?

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