Struggling with Schedules

Do it YOUR way
A business mentor who hates schedules?
That’s right!
For my live streams, anyway – there will be no more scheduling those weeks in advance, after all the re-learning, and re-membering I did this week.
Member of the Sensitive Club, that is!
Fitting into mainstream anything land, let alone rigid schedules, does me in, every time.
If you’re a woman achieving (or working toward achieving) 6-figures or above, you probably know exactly what I mean …
**********Here’s what happened . . .
I started researching for ways to get more engagement, and more attendance on my live stream videos on Facebook.
The replay view numbers are always great, it was the LIVE stats I was focused on improving.
And so, against ALL the wisdom and mentoring advice I give my clients…I jumped on the hamster wheel and started seeking the answer outside of myself…..
It’s just easier, right?
Instead of tuning deep within ourselves, to get time-saving, soul-thriving direction, we hop on Facebook or google and see what everyone else is doing.
Or in my case, I went straight to the people who have high engagement and attendance now, and listened to their advice….I did that for a whole week! Almost even hired her to “help” me.
BIG MISTAKE! HUGE! {hence that hate word…}
Sooooo, I’m watching this one social media coach’s videos from the past six months and I hear her say, over and over again:
Immediately that scared little girl inside of me feels like ***I’m wrong, I haven’t been doing things right***** so I RUN to my designer to have a sign made up saying when I will be on Facebook Live every week.
The other immediate things that happened during this one week I went against my better judgment and listened to the outside, instead of IN?
*my viewership went down on my live videos – even the people who normally watch were nowhere to be found…ALL WEEK!
*my energy around live videos disappeared, I was so tired every time that pre-set time rolled around
*I lost my inspiration to do them – every time that pre-scheduled-weeks-in-advance time rolled around, I felt tired, resistance, a forced feeling I am not accustomed to, nor do I do well in
*after feeling I was wrong and admiring her consistency and feeling I needed to be stronger in that area, that coach stopped doing her own videos suddenly and without warning that week too (WTH? Lol)
*I felt so sick the last time one of those pre-scheduled times rolled around, I literally could not walk downstairs to get on video and do it!!!
*today, the remote place I am staying at to give an intensive lost ALL ability to carry internet load for live videos, and my home is over 90 minute drive away and the rest of my schedule is such today that there isn’t time to find an impromptu place to do it (even if I wanted to keep forcing myself and ignoring my soul’s wisdom…which of course I don’t)
Because FORCEFULNESS + CREATIVITY do not work together.
Because I wasn’t following my energy. I was out of alignment with my highest path for creating success.
I followed someone’s COOKIE-CUTTER advice, because I felt scared and nervous and wanted a solution so bad … these feelings over-rode my better instinct that knows knows knows: in business, there is no ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL solutions.
There are guidelines, and basic principles and core foundations to apply, yes –
scheduling my live streams isn’t one of them.
I choose to follow my energy, let my people know as far in advance as possible, and focus on my right soul path’s form of communication: WRITING and ENTERTAINING VIDEO.
That’s how my business grew to great heights in the first place.
This following other’s formulas and strategies just does not work.
It shut down my magnetism.
Closed my soul.
And literally had me feeling sad and sick all week.
and, UGH.
Follow your inner guidance FIRST, My Loves…’s the only way ❤ And if scheduling your live streams feels UPLIFTING and EXPANSIVE and right for you, go for it!
Just please for the love of Goddess do not command everyone else do it too……this is a call-to-arms against Nazi marketing that way.
For we all fall vulnerable to strong authority figures, and part of being a responsible leader is knowing that,
and providing space for ALL people to feel at home in your guidance, or at the very least explain the loopholes and caveats to any rules you are following,
when those rules don’t allow room for the soul.
All else is madness.
Love, Love, Love,
p.s. In case your’e thinking … well why is Gina a business mentor if she doesn’t think people should be listening to the advice of others (that’s what I’d be thinking reading this)…..I guide my clients to create this habit of going inward FIRST, then use what they tell me they find within themselves, to guide their next business STRATEGY steps…..those soul-expanding, basic foundations for success. So, ultimately, my clients learn how to do this themselves, which empowers them for a lifetime…..and keeps the hate and haters away 😉