Online Illusions: Burn, Baby, Burn!

Sensitive Beauties,
please don’t paint me as THAT woman.
Ever since I expanded my business life to the online sphere (I had a business before the Internet came out), people, women especially, have projected perfectionism onto me.
It’s a peril of social media all of us must be aware of, right?
It’s when you look at a woman’s page and think, “wow she has it all” and “i’ll never have what she has”or “she had a better start than me. “
It’s also time to stop this, just stop it – because the only thing this type of thinking does is keep you down and far far far away from what you say you really want.
Living that sensitive, successful life.
Buying into the illusion of how things appear online,
versus accepting and understanding the hardest truth of all, is the easy way out.
It lets us off the hook from getting out there and making things happen, because we don’t have what she has, or we didn’t have the start in life that she had.
And it’s all lies.
The truth is, we are all part of the same constellation of human potential and resilience, right here, right now. No matter what any of us have experienced.
We ALL have challenges and struggles – every day, every single one of us,
yet no circumstance can knock you *all the way* down unless you allow it to.
My whole Internet career has involved projections of perfection on to me, and it’s the last thing I intended.
When I was on the raw food vegan diet (2008-2014),
everyone assumed I had adopted the diet because I just wanted to be skinny,
like it was a prize to be won and I had achieved it.
When really I was struggling to feel healthy and whole and authentically me.
I shared my truth, I shared it all,
yet people only saw what they wanted to see in me: their own idea of perfection.
What they wouldn’t hear, are the imperfections…. and in them see, that I am still powerful.
Just like they are still powerful, with their own imperfections, too.
Making us different, or better or worse than one another, is copping out from facing,
and stepping into, our truest power!
I dare you to face this powerful truth about yourself, Woman,
as you consider my list of so-called imperfections below, because
Open up!
See yourself in the imperfectly perfect projections you’re admiring in others online, and make your life what you have secretly thought mine to be, what you’ve always wanted to be.
Because if I can do it, so can you. You and me, we’re one and the same, Sister! What I’ve created, you can create too. Our histories may have different details, but the pain is the same. The process of overcoming it all is the same, and we are in this together, when you allow us to be.
Here is my list:
*in 2005 I weighed 300 pounds after living my life slim and healthy and athletic for 30 years! I then struggled to escape my heaviness and return to lightness, and endured humiliation, self-loathing, major rejection as I did.
*I was physically assaulted by my boyfriend at age 15, badly enough that, after a trial on which I took the stand, he was sent to jail for 9 months because of it. Recovery from this experience and my journey back to trust has been a lifelong process for me, one I still wrestle with every day in my relationship now. Like today, now, and yesterday too! There’s much beauty and insight and love in this process, it’s also really fucking hard for me at times too!
*building wealth involves the very money challenges I teach about for me too! That’s how I can show up with my whole heart in my teaching and healing work! I know what it’s like to have sheer panic and terror because I don’t know where my grocery money will come from. Or the rent. And I am expanding my level of worthiness and confidence as I create and build more more more wealth in my empire too, exactly as you are. I may be a couple steps ahead, it doesn’t mean I am an exception to any human-learning-about-money rules.
*2016 was one death after another for me. By the end of it I felt my life was reduced to a graveyard and I felt like nothing but an empty structure of bones walking around myself. I wasn’t sure I would recover and get back up, over and through the grief at times, but that’s when I stood back up anyway, decided again that I was worth it, and gathered my village around me to bring me back to life. And so they did. And here I am in my fullness and wholeness again.
What’s your story, Woman?
Are you willing to throw perfectionism into the fire, let it burn away for good, so you can meet the real you and flourish as you were always meant to?
Just meet me here…heart to heart, woman to woman, soul to soul?
This is true richness and wealth, right here.