Intensive Power

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PHOTO: March 6, 2017. This is me, doing a space clearing,
in the room I’m about to meet my client in,
for a 6-hour, in-person Power Business Intensive.

Dearest, I get asked this A LOT:

“What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?”

Make sure your business suits your personality, is my response.

Hands down.

This was big for me. Huge!

Until 2009, I spent most of my working life trying to fit in.

  • Fit into the office I was secretary in, while I worked my way through university.
  • Fit into the restaurant where I worked as a hostess, before I worked in the office.
  • Fit into family households when I was nannying, after leaving my 18-year government career, to start this coaching business (I used to take extra jobs for extra cash, when I first started my business back in 2009).
  • Fit into the aromatherapy store I worked at (also as I way to make extra cash, as I figured out how to succeed in my business).

But what about me?

The real me. Creative me. Authentic me?

How did I play into all of this?

How long was I willing to fit into everyone else’s world and desires,

forgetting about the deep desire within, calling me to run my own show?

I am, and always have been, an entrepreneur.

We are 10-15% of the population,

and we just aren’t built to run on other peoples’ agendas.

We’re the creators. The inventors. The risk-takers.

We have our ideas, and work with others to implement them.

This is how we give our best contribution to the world.


Photo: I’m SOO “in my element”
when I’m supporting women in my intensives!
that’s why I designed my business this way.

What does ‘Intensive’ mean?

Before deciding to become a coach and mentor,

for business women around the globe,

I worked in one-hour appointment time frames.

I counselled clients in my government career, hour by hour.

Each and every one, got an hour of my time each. Max.

People are accustomed to professionals working this way.

One hour at a time – rarely do appointments go over that.

What I found early on, though,

was that when you’re dealing with deep wounds and success blocks,

(which is what I deal with – the ones getting in the way of success)

one hour is simply not enough.

I didn’t know this, when I first started my coaching business in 2009.

Then slowly, month after month,

not only did my clients start leaving our coaching sessions, saying:

“it feels like we were just getting started,”

I felt something was off, too! 

I felt ripped off.

Like we stopped just before getting to the real meat of matters –

before solid transformation can actually take place.

This robbed me of JOY in my business,

not to mention kinked me out of alignment,

with the whole reason and purpose, for starting this business in the first place:

to facilitate real transformation in business women’s lives.

Enter My greatest AHA moment. . . 

Had I allowed these anticlimactic moments to continue,

in the hour-for-hour format most consultants, counsellors, and healers utilize,

I would not see the results I am committed to seeing in the world,

the ones I see today.

I would also begin to resent the very people I am meant to serve.

No thank you.


Photo: Expand your horizons,
design your business YOUR way, Woman!
I did it, you can too.

Extending session lengths was the only remedy for this.

Soooo……I felt into it. Asked my body:

One hour? Two hour sessions?

Nope, still not enough.

Three hours?? At least.




Double yes.

That’s what I offer in my business now.

“Intensive” coaching sessions for three, four, or six hours at a time.

We sit together, healing hour after healing hour,

(with breaks if you want them, of course)

immersed in the high vibrational transformation energy that moves business mountains.

We delve deep into the business issue you’re struggling with.

We etch out an exact “next steps” plan. We giggle like the Buddha, letting old ways go.

We keep releasing stifling energy, that energy stuck inside you.

Clogging up your money-making highway,

letting a period of hurt stop our success,

even though it happened in the past.

The amount of time you choose for these sessions,

depends on exactly what the issue is,

how long you’ve been carrying it around,

and how quickly you want to see it go.

This is the power of intensives.

You add hours to go deeper, resolving blocks quicker.

You have full power.

You design it how you want to.

Your way.

IMG_6506 2

Photo: I begin planning my client intensives days in advance! (content blurred for privacy)

How I Turned This Mess Into Success

What moved me forth on the path from stuck in following other ways of doing things, ignoring my own soul’s desires and callings, and forcing myself to fit into wrong-shaped holes, was realizing my worth. Then stepping into it. Firm. I did this by constantly working with my own mentors and healers, to keep opening up those stuck spaces. I needed their perspective, to shine light on my blind spots, and give me the support I so deeply wanted and needed. In between my meetings with them, I was journalling, and meditating, and reading, and writing, and learning as I served my own clients, and applied everything I was learning to the real world.

I did it, you can too, Beautiful.

We’re all in this together.

I’ll leave you for now, then, with my favourite question:

“If not now, when?”