Show Me Your Business Trophy


This lotion means the world to me, Boo.

In 2011, I was terrified about my business.

Did I make a mistake leaving my 18 year government career to create my own company?

Were my parents right saying I’m crazy to give up my pension and security?

What was I thinking?

There I was, university degree.

18 years experience in a coveted government career.

Working as a nanny, with those thoughts rolling in my head,

because my business wasn’t bringing in enough money.

Re-Balancing my Feminine Nature

Don’t get me wrong – my nanny job was perfect for me, in many ways.

I had left my career because it was draining my energy.

Long hours, intense case work, focus on money in a masculine work culture.

My nanny job was everything opposite of that, including little money 🙂

Seriously though, working with children, was refreshing.

My nanny family had a gorgeous house, couched deep in nature.

Birds chirped constantly around me, most of the day we hiked and played outside,

and I had tons of time to myself, while they went to school or napped.

My job was entertaining and caring for precious children.

It was the perfect balm for my over-worked,

over-citied, too many business suits,

starving feminine soul.


but … the entrepreneur in me hated it.

My inner entrepreneur was like,

“what are you doing here when you have a big purpose in the world, meha?”

“Why you doin’ this? Playing so small with no money in your bank account?”

The truth is, I didn’t know.

I didn’t know why I was focusing there, instead of on my business.

Or what would get me unstuck from this lack of business productivity,

I had catapulted from one end of the money spectrum, to another.

I now made less than 1/4 of the income I used to + I didn’t want to face the truth:

I didn’t know how to make money in my business,

and I was terrified to keep trying.

Who knew a bottle of lotion from Whole Foods,

officially marketed for gardeners, would save my entrepreneurial day?

aroma-crystal-therapy-gardeners-dream-lotion-8-oz<—crystal aromatherapy, so cool. Scent is divine too!


A Different Kind of Trophy

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.57.07 PM


Traditional trophies for highly sensitive, soul-based entrepreneurs do not exist,

so I’m here to declare that we can create our own.

Actually, if you reflect long enough on this,

you’ll find you already have one . . . but back to the lotion.

Children are amazing reflections of our truest JOY, you see.

So even though I wasn’t giving myself permission to live the way I wanted to,

and enjoy the luxuries I wanted to, Maddie, the little girl I spent most of the day with,

while her brother was in school – she was naturally drawn to the thing I wanted most.

This lotion! She didn’t know that I bought it only *very* occasionally –

only when I got some extra money. Or received it as a gift.

She didn’t know that when I was at home, I used teeny tiny drops,

so I didn’t waste too much of it. It was gold to me. And she knew it.

Every time I pulled it out of my bag, she ran toward it like her favourite snack.

“I want some! I want some! I want some!”

I love her uninhibited style! Back then, it made me nervous.

I did share it with her, of course – only in teeny, tiny drops though.

My mentality back then was:

“there’s not enough. Never enough money. Hold on tight!”

Can you see why it’s my business trophy today?

I now pull it off the shelf at Whole Foods in groups of 2 or 3,

so I always have a stock of it at home.

This celebration of success isn’t solely about the money either,

it’s about inhabiting fully this place, where I receive the things I love,

easily and effortlessly. Where living in my true desires is the norm.

A given. Where there’s more than enough to give and share with my community,

and those I love. Where I smell good, feel good, and vibrate high with whatever I want

to put in my mouth, my mind, on my skin.

Crystal aromatherapy lotion? You betcha!

You’re my trophy.

Your Business Trophy

When you meet yours, you’ll just know.

Business trophies are all around us, waiting to be uncovered.

Their dollar value may surprise you. The total value of mine, is currently $23.95,

at Whole Foods Market. I stock up every three weeks or so,

but the thing that makes it my trophy,

is that it was something I once only dreamed of having.

Now it’s a part of my life, thanks to the money generated in my business.

Victory indeed! A trophy indeed!


What’s your business trophy, Boo?

It’s time to celebrate.

Share with me on one of my social media pages, with the hashtag #businesstrophy,

if you’re serious about stepping into your wealth-building game,

beginning with receiving and living your true desires.