The People Problem


I took this photo during one of my favourite local hikes -nature is my art museum!

Sweetest Souls,

I love basking in nature’s radiance and letting my feminine spirit fly to the heights it really wants to.

As women, we can choose to feel better than we’ve felt in a long time,

in any given moment.

To use nature’s colour and blossoming “new” energy,

to inspire us and create change in our lives –

and right now it’s double powerful, with this phase of the moon.

We can really step into this, and we are, we do …. until….


Something happens … and it usually involves another person, or several people.

Whether it’s your partner, coach, or your family,

your team, your online audience, or a friend,

it’s so tempting to blame others for our discomfort, isn’t it?

I am still tempted to do it.

It’s the easiest way.

I get to keep doing what I’m doing,

how I’ve always done it (READ: comfort zone),

and, most of all, I don’t ever really TRULY go after my dreams,

because blaming others means:

  • we get to remain in “reaction mode” – flying around like a leaf, reacting to the circumstances in our lives, instead of standing in our full power, and conducting the show, exactly how we want to.
  • we stay distracted from what’s really going on inside of us, related to actually living out our dreams in physical reality. The terror, loneliness, confusion are real, and at times overwhelming, so we’ll do anything to avoid it.
  • there’s no time, money, energy to conduct the show (that life we dream of living), because we’re too exhausted reacting to everyone else around us. This keeps us conveniently safe and far away from anything uncomfortable…like a brand new business life!

These are 3 ready-to-go, “acceptable” excuses that our world uses,

so they’re easy to grab onto. The problem is:

you never actually step into it,

that life you want to be living instead of this one!

There is one caveat here, Loves:

Sometimes people in our lives are in toxic patterns,

and only  break (permanent or otherwise) will allow you to thrive.

Even then though, we can get caught up in the drama of releasing,

when “bless and release,” with pure love and well wishes,

is the soul-aligned way to go. All else is show-stopping blame.

Turn Your Mess into Success:

An Exercise for You

Do you have blaming others as your default?

Do you enjoy the guilty pleasure of blaming time,

money or lack of energy, for not going after your dreams,

as I once used to?

On a scale of 1-10, how ready are you to step up to a level,

where you don’t allow yourself these blocks,

to creating the life of your dreams?

Whether it’s:

  • your next $10,000 in business revenue
  • steady, strong emotional management skills to attract and keep relationships you deep-down want
  • a gorgeous relationship with yourself, and your body, that is strong, fulfilling, and empowered in a lasting way.

Will you commit to this with me, Beautiful?

If you’re saying yes, we’re going to quantum leap this year, together.

Stay “attuned” . . . there’s more to come….


P.S. Are you ready to turn your own MESS into Success? Here’s my gift to you . . .